Oliver Pollak: Collaborates on history of the University of Nebraska

Historians in the News

How do you cram 100 years of growth, setbacks, change, prosperity and parking problems into 220 pictures and 20,000 words?

As UNO enters the final year of its first century, two faculty members have published a book that attempts to do just that. Presented in chapters that focus on the school's different eras and incarnations, University of Nebraska at Omaha is a chronological account of the history of Omaha's metropolitan university.

In bringing the book to life, history professor Oliver Pollak and library archivist Les Valentine pored over thousands of images from UNO's photographic collection and composed extended captions to chronicle the school's development from a privately funded, Presbyterian-influenced college to a full-blown member of the University of Nebraska system.

Pollak, who wrote the captions as well as chapter introductions for the book, said he had been trying to initiate some type of collaboration with Valentine for a while.

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