Dick Cheney: As unpopular as Dan Quayle

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Vice President Dick Cheney’s popularity has hit an all-time low, with recent polling by The New York Times and CBS News suggesting that he has replaced Dan Quayle as the most unpopular vice president in recent history.

Two polls taken in May and June reveal an erosion of Mr. Cheney’s base of support — seen in both his job approval rating and his favorability. Just 28 percent of those polled in June approve of the job Mr. Cheney is doing, while 59 percent disapprove, a reading similar to that of President Bush. The highest rating for Mr. Cheney was 56 percent in August 2002. Mr. Cheney’s favorability among Americans has also suffered — it fell to 13 percent in May, from a high of 43 percent in October 2000.

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