Russia hands over 60,000 documents on Nazi crimes to U.S.

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The Federal Security Service has been assisting the United States in investigating crimes against humanity.

"Since 1994, 60,000 pages of documents dealing with Nazi crimes during World War II, kept at the FSB's Central Archives, have been handed over to the United States," Vasily Khristoforov, the head of the FSB's Register and Archives Department, said in an interview with Interfax.

Cooperation between American and Russian law enforcement and judiciary agencies led to a court ruling to deprive a Nazi accomplice in the extermination of the Warsaw Ghetto of American citizenship, he said.

Copies of trophy documents dealing with the Travniki training center have been sent to the American judiciary to be used in a trial of former Soviet and now U.S. citizens Stadnik and Dmitrenko as part of the work to investigate crimes against humanity, Khristoforov said.

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