I tried to warn Bush against Iraq war: Powell

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FORMER US secretary of state Colin Powell has revealed that he spent 2 1/2 hours vainly trying to persuade President George W. Bush not to invade Iraq and believes today's conflict cannot be resolved by US forces. "I tried to avoid this war," Mr Powell said at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado. "I took him through the consequences of going into an Arab country and becoming the occupiers."

Mr Powell has become increasingly outspoken about the level of violence in Iraq, which he believes is in a state of civil war.

"The civil war will ultimately be resolved by a test of arms. It's not going to be pretty to watch, but I don't know any way to avoid it. It is happening now," he said.

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Craig Michael Loftin - 7/12/2007

...and yet he still gave that deceptive Powerpoint presentation to the UN.

Vernon Clayson - 7/11/2007

Colin Powell, once one of the most respected individuals in the world, has no say and should fade out like a real soldier. He could, perhaps, take a lesson from General MacArthur who faded out with dignity after being fired by a man of lesser intellect and experience. Powells career, while honorable, pales in comparison. MacArthur had too much respect and honor to go this "I told you so" route. Go away, General Powell.