Gormley to review heritage protection (UK)

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Minister for the Environment John Gormley is to review how the State protects its national heritage and landscape following the controversy over the planned construction of the M3 motorway over historic sites near the Hill of Tara.

Mr Gormley said today that Tara and "similar controversies" of recent years raised the "valid question" as to whether the current measures we have to protect our archaeological and natural landscape are adequate. However, he again insisted he had no power to review the decision of his predecessor Dick Roche on the route of the motorway.

"I recognise fully that we live in a dynamic and changing landscape and housing, commercial and infrastructure development is an important part of that dynamic. Yet we have a rich and amazing natural and archaeological heritage which we are duty-bound to protect," the Minister said.

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Jim Brendan Monaghan - 7/18/2007

Leave the UK bit out.Last I looked Ireland was not part of the UK. Gormley is a minister in an Independent country.
Jim Monaghan