Douglas Brinkley: Historian on steroids

Historians in the News

In the latest issue of the New Republic columnist Michael Kinsley, founder of Slate, calls Douglas Brinkley "America's historian-on-steroids."

Kinsley makes the remark in passing in an article about an error that creeped into Reagan's Diary, which was edited by Brinkley for HarperCollins.

Kinsley is named in the index. Page 400. According to the book Kinsley had lunch with Reagan on March 21, 1986.

Only he didn't.

In a jocular vein Kinsley notes that he did not have lunch with Reagan that day or any other day, unless he forgot, which is unlikely. It turned out that an editor at HarperCollins had mistakenly included Kinsley's name in the book. It was Charles Krauthammer who had lunch with Reagan that day (along with several others). "Brinkley was terribly apologetic and said he would correct the error in the next edition," Kinsley says.

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