No way for students to avoid Gallipoli, historians confirm

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THERE was never any suggestion that a national history curriculum should omit the study of Gallipoli, the historians who helped to draft it and the federal Education Minister said yesterday.

The president of the History Teachers Association of Australia, Nick Ewbank, who helped draft the curriculum, said Gallipoli was among the milestones for compulsory study. His fellow working party member, John Gascoigne, from the school of history and philosophy at the University of NSW, said Gallipoli was among the events in the draft curriculum that all students were required to study.

"It is certainly the case that you were expected to address these milestone events in the curriculum and Gallipoli was one of them," Professor Gascoigne said.

A spokesman for the Education Minister, Julie Bishop, said a media report that stated Gallipoli was not compulsory study was incorrect.

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