Claim: U.S. Government took part in Trujillo's execution

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SANTO DOMINGO.- A journalist and historian said there’s "forceful and irrefutable" proof of the United States Government’s participation in the plot to physically eliminate the dictator Rafael Trujillo.

Víctor Grimaldi, in a 12 page document published in:, said to deny the U.S. took part in Trujillo’s death is to “try to block the sun with a finger.”

He said in the first interrogations into the judicial case in June 2, 1961 –which can be obtained on the Internet- several of Trujillo’s executioners said their plans to kill Trujillo and to take power had the U.S. Government’s support.

He said at as a plot the May 30 affair was a failure because only the regime’s most visible head was eliminated.

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