Viking ship to set sail again

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ONE of the Viking warships that struck terror into the hearts of thousands of Europeans has been recreated for the first voyage of its kind in almost 1,000 years.

A replica of the battleship 'Sea Stallion' (pictured) will make the journey across the North Sea from Denmark next month. Built in 1042, it was one of the greatest seaborne weapons used by Ireland's bloodthirsty Viking invaders to fight battles at home and abroad.

A mainly Danish crew of 65 - which includes Irish sailor Triona Nicholl (24) from Leixlip, Co Kildare - will sail the vessel.

Triona, a UCD archaeology student, has been in training for the voyage for the last two years and will embark on the unique voyage from July 1. No one has manned a ship like it in over 900 years. The crew ranges in age from 16 to 64. The ship was a masterpiece of shipbuilding design when it was first unveiled....

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