Commemorations to mark 25th anniversary Falklands War

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The Queen, Tony Blair and Baroness Thatcher joined veterans for a remembrance service in the Falkland Islands Memorial Chapel in Berkshire.

A service in Stanley, attended by 1982 minister Lord Parkinson and Prince Edward, was among the Falklands events. The war came to an end on 14 June 1982, two-and-half-months after the UK territory was invaded by Argentina.

Some 255 British servicemen, more than 650 Argentines and three islanders were killed in the 74-day conflict.

BBC correspondent Jack Izzard in Argentina said he expected a few veterans would lay wreaths but there would be no major commemorations.

People felt shame the war was lost but agreed with the policy of the current president the islands should be returned to Argentina, through diplomatic rather than aggressive means, he said.

Around half of the Falkland Islands' population of 3,000 attended a service, parade and wreath laying ceremony at Stanley's Liberation Monument

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