In Camden, Campbell Co. Says It May Go if Sears Building Stays

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[A]mid an effort to revive a city mired in a crippling cycle of crime and unemployment, the Campbell Soup Company, Camden’s longtime and most prominent corporate resident, has proposed expanding its presence and transforming the area where the empty store sits into an office park.

The soup company is prepared to spend $72 million to improve its headquarters, and has also promised to help lure developers to an adjacent office park with the help of $26 million in state funds. But the company’s pledge comes with one nagging caveat: The Sears building, which is listed on state and national historic registries, must come down. If not, Campbell Soup, which has been an enormous presence in the city since 1869, may abandon Camden and go elsewhere.

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gary w. milbert - 6/6/2007

It's sad to hear another attempt of corporate self interest that is willing to destroy a historical site that can help define a sense of self to a nation that needs to find a soul it appears to be losing. Living close to Camden,a city which needs positive identity and is working hard at it, you can talk to any senior citizen about the Sears building and you will hear positive stories of how that was the place to go and Camden was a vibrant city. You can feel the wistful longing their hearts can remember. As those thoughts are passed to the youth one realizes why the Sears building or any historical site must remain and cold corporate self interest should be dissuaded.