Your chance to own a scrap of Diana's dress

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As the 10th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, approaches, the Diana memorial industry is creaking into action once more. The website that sells David and Elizabeth Emanuel's tome, A Dress for Diana, is taking orders for a special "limited edition" volume that includes a swatch of silk from the offcuts of her bridal gown. A thousand copies of the book are for sale, and the bargain price of this self-proclaimed "piece of history" is 1,000 pounds.

In a sinister borrowing of the now familiar and trusted lexicon of M&S, the publishers insist that "this isn't just a book . . . (it's) an opportunity to become part of that magical day . . . to take a step closer to the woman who is still alive to so many throughout the world . . . (to) join that shy girl as she made her hesitant way down the aisle."

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