Canadians unclear why they got the day off

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Jon Jouppien makes a living restoring old buildings. Today, he's looking to restore a misunderstood holiday.

Canada celebrated Victoria Day on Monday with sports on the tube, burgers on the grill and a day off work. But do most people know it's a day to mark Queen Victoria's birthday, he wondered? Or that it isn't even celebrated in Britain?

Or that the Queen's actual birthday is May 24 - today?

It really hit home when he overheard some of his summer students wondering why it's referred to as the 'Two-Four Weekend.'

"The one girl said, 'Well, it's the first weekend of summer and it's the first chance people get to buy a case of 24 beers.

"I thought, holy smokes, did she ever get that out of whack. And she was a history student!"

And so, despite the fact Victoria Day has come and gone, Jouppien will mark the Queen's actual birthday with a colourful banner draped across the restored Egerton Morden House on Corwin Avenue.

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