Google to stop running ads for term paper mills

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Term-paper and essay-writing services join prostitutes, firearms dealers, and hacking sites in Google's forbidden-advertising zone, the company announced on Tuesday.

Academic paper-writing services, or "paper mills," will no longer be able to buy search terms in the Google AdWords program, and thus their ads will no longer pop up in the "sponsored links" sections of a Google search-results page. (Links to those sites could still be found among the results on the main part of the page, however.)

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Randll Reese Besch - 5/24/2007

Unlike sexual prostitution[see politics]and arms sales,purchasing someones' else service for something you need to do yourself doesn't mesh.
Hacking/cracking are electroninc versions of breaking and entering differ in their usages.Too bad they are lumped together in this politically incorrect for the reich wing responce.This from the company that cowtows to the communist manderins of China. So much for free access.When another internet company allows it,fire-arms and sex don't take from others unlike hacking and plagerising by proxy for those paying for others to write their papers for them.