Taj Mahal has yellowed, needs a two-month facial

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NEW DELHI -- The Taj Mahal is getting dirty, and some want to get it even dirtier.

The 17th-century mausoleum is renowned for the paleness of its marble, but these days it looks more yellow than white.

A report Monday by a parliamentary panel blamed air pollution, saying the Taj Mahal is encrusted with ''suspended particulate matter,'' or granules of dirt and soot found in high levels in the air around the site in the city of Agra...

To restore the monument to its pristine glory, the panel recommended packing it in mud, a process used on the Taj Mahal in the past.

The treatment takes about two months and involves caking the domed edifice in mud and letting it dry before washing the clay off. As the mud dries, it absorbs the dirty buildup.

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