James T. Campbell: Wins $10,000 Mark Lynton History Prize

Historians in the News

[Columbia University's Lukas Prize Project Awards for Nonfiction were announced this week.]

... The evening’s third award, the $10,000 Mark Lynton History Prize, was presented to James T. Campbell, an associate professor of American civilization, Africana studies and history at Brown University, for “Middle Passages: African American Journeys to Africa, 1787-2005” (Penguin Press). The prize is named for Mark Lynton, the author of “Accidental Journey: A Cambridge Internee’s Memoir of World War II” (Overlook), who died in 1997. Mr. Lynton’s family has sponsored the project since its inception.

One important guest was noticeably absent: David Halberstam, the Pulitzer Prize-winning former reporter for The Times and prolific author who was killed in a car accident last month. “I got a note from him right when the announcement of the prize came, congratulating me but also telling me how much this particular prize had meant to him because of his friendship with Tony Lukas,” Mr. Campbell said before the presentation. “One of the things I was so looking forward to was having him here tonight.”

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