Mysterious Mesopotamian trove found by sewage workers, goes on display

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TEHRAN -- Development activities of Ramhormoz Water and Sewage Department, Khuzestan province, led into accidentally discovery of two historical coffins containing some 500 pieces of invaluable gold ornamentations and artifacts belonging to different historical periods including: Elamite (3400-550 BC),Achaemenid (550-330 BC), Parthian (248 BC-224 AD) as well as Mesopotamia civilization in two coffins.

Discovery of this unique treasury has faced archaeologists with a large number of unknown questions including the ownership of these items. Remains of four earthenware jars have been also discovered along these coffins.

The two U-shape coffins were placed inside a cubbyhole with their handles clinched to the body of the coffins. The tomb was constructed by rubble stones, nothing has remained from which. Activities of bulldozers have caused serious damages to the discovered coffins as well...

[Provincial archaeologist Abdul-Reza Peymani said,] ''There are also some objects which have never be seen before in any historic site and we do not know about their antiquity.''

One of the most interesting artifacts discovered in this treasury is the five rings of power. Archaeologists are in search for discovering to whom this five power ring belonged.

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