'Silent Heroes' museum created for Germans who hid Jews

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BERLIN -- Barbara Preusch vividly remembers the day the Nazis searched her Berlin home for hidden Jews -- and left without finding the mother and daughter her family was sheltering...

Sixty-two years after the end of World War II on May 8, 1945, people like Preusch -- a teenager when her grandmother began helping fugitive Jews -- are being honored with a museum in Berlin.

Israel recognized gentiles who helped Jews escape the Holocaust as early as 1963, and honored 443 Germans at the Yad Vashem Memorial as ''Righteous among the Nations.'' But similar honors have been long delayed at home.

The ''Silent Heroes'' museum is to open in 2008 in an old tenement building in the center of Berlin. It will be based in Otto Weidt's former workshop for the blind, where several Jews survived in a secret room, and include two more floors that are vacant and still under renovation.

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