Nixon Library: There's a New Nixon

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From the official newsletter of the Nixon Library & Birthplace (March 1, 2004):

There's yet another “new Nixon.”

Nixon Milner, born to Todd and Lisa Milner, arrived at 9:30 p.m. on December 18, 2003. With jet-black hair and deep blue eyes, this healthy newborn is one of Sydney, Australia's newest citizens.

The Nixon name is no coincidence. Todd, and equity dealer, and Lisa, an accountant, indeed named their baby after America's 37 th President.

The admiration the Milners share for President Nixon stems from Todd's American roots and an appreciation of U.S. history. “I think Richard Nixon was President during a very interesting as well as a very difficult time,” said Todd Milner. “It amazes me how many people are not aware, or conveniently overlook, his foreign policy achievements.”

The Milners are proud of their son's chosen name and feel strongly about RN's legacy. “I think that President Nixon was a tremendous, tenacious politician with good intentions at heart,” said Todd. “He certainly played an important role in history,and I regard him highly as a President, and for his achievements in office.”

Todd views RN's historic trip to China and his 1968 presidential victory after losing the governorship of California as his greatest accomplishments. He also admires the late President for the way he “pulled himself back up after his resignation to contribute to society as an author and speaker.”

Since little Nixon's birth, the Milners have found that most people comment on what an original name they have chosen for their son. They look forward to telling their son about his namesake.

Lisa, born and raised in Sydney, met Todd through a mutual friend.

While Todd and Lisa have no immediate plans to travel to the U.S., they do plan on visiting when little Nixon is old enough to appreciate the trip. They hope to make it to Yorba Linda to introduce Nixon Milner to President Nixon and his legacy.

By the way, little Nixon's not the first Milner named after the President. Todd and Lisa used to have a pet poodle named Milhous.

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