AHA devotes latest issue of Perspectives to digital history

Historians in the News

Doing History in the Digital Age
by Barbara Weinstein

AHA Launches Online Directory
of History Journals

History and the Changing Landscape
of Information: An Editor’s Note

Zotero: Social and Semantic Computing for Historical Scholarship
by Daniel J. Cohen

The Digital History Reader:
Teaching Resources for U.S.
and European History
by E. Thomas Ewing
and Robert P. Stephens

Talking Shop with the "Gutenberg-es"
by Elizabeth Fairhead

H-Net: Digital Discussion for Historians
by Matthew Gilmore

Enhancing Internet Use for History
by Categorizing Online Resources
by Edward A. Riedinger

Blogging for Your Students
by David Voelker

Creating a Virtual Student Community at the University of Maryland
by Bud Burkhard

Clio and the Bloggers
by Anthony Grafton

Strange Facts in the History Classroom: Or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Wiki(pedia)
by Christopher Miller

The Historical Profession
and Archival Education
by Joseph Turrini

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