James C. Davis: Historian writes poem about 2008 election candidates

Historians in the News

[James C. Davis, Professor Emeritus of Italian History at the University of Pennsylvania.]

You find it hard to keep them straight? Well, here they are: the candidates.

In ’04 John Edwards ran for Veep. (Instead we got the surly creep.)

We used to say that Gore’s a bore. On warming, though, he knows the score.

The joint will jump if we choose Hill. (First Gent will be the randy Bill.)

Obama warned, “Avoid Iraq!” McCain says, “Beat ‘em blue and black!”

Mitt Romney says he loves his gun. (In Texas shooting guys is fun.)

What rhymes with Romney? Giuliani! Toast of East Coast italiani.

A deuce of Thompsons is a lot, So keep in mind: One’s Fred, one’s not.

If Gingrich joins the campaign strife. Look out for stabs with well-honed knife.

So there they are, from left to right, And more to come, the blatherskites!

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