Sarkozy attacks 'immoral' heritage of 1968

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PARIS -- To the cheers of 30,000 supporters, Nicolas Sarkozy launched his final push for the presidency yesterday with a stinging attack on France's "cynical" and "immoral" Left, symbolised by his rival, the Socialist candidate Ségolène Royal.

The gathering in Paris appeared to be a final rallying cry from the centre-Right contender at what he called a defining moment in French history, when the country was plagued by "doubts"...

He summoned memories of the student revolt of 1968, saying: "In this election, it is a question of whether the heritage of May '68 should be perpetuated or if it should be liquidated once and for all."

If elected, Mr Sarkozy promised to break with the" cynicism" of the"gauche caviars", who he blamed for a crisis of"morality, authority, work and national identity". Citing the recent mini-riot in Gare du Nord, he repeated his accusation that the Left"systematically takes the side of thugs, troublemakers and fraudsters against the police".

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