Sand Creek Massacre site dedicated

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SAND CREEK MASSACRE NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE, Colo. —- More than 142 years after a band of state militia volunteers massacred 160 Southern Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians in a misdirected act of vengeance, a memorial was officially dedicated Saturday.

The [site,] 160 miles southeast of Denver on Big Sandy Creek in Kiowa County, pays tribute to those killed in the attack of Nov. 29, 1864.

Seeking revenge for the killings of several settlers by Indians, 700 volunteers who had signed up to be soldiers for 100 days slaughtered nearly everyone in the village. Most were women or children.

Descendants of some of the victims were among several hundred people at Saturday's dedication on the rolling hills of the southeastern Colorado plains...

"It's a site of shame, but it's finally being memorialized properly," said David Halaas, a former state historian. He said even though the militia members weren't soldiers, they were paid and armed by the federal government.

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