Bethlehem Steel will be part casino complex, part industrial history

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BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- Sands BethWorks officials won a gambling license in part because they pledged to preserve Bethlehem Steel's legacy alongside their $600 million casino complex in south Bethlehem.

But before the first brick is laid, hulking remnants of that legacy must come crashing down.

On April 26, demolition will begin on 10 Steel buildings to clear the way for 5,000 slot machines and a 10-story hotel and conference center -- 11 years and several failed plans after Bethlehem Steel first floated the idea of turning the old plant into a museum and entertainment complex.

Nearly two dozen other Steel buildings will eventually be preserved, but three months of demolition by Brandenburg Industrial Services of Bethlehem will turn the century-old buildings into 7,000 tons of scrap metal.

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