Historian: 'Our history is under siege' in Persian Gulf states

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Bahrain's ancient burial mounds are under threat of being wiped out due to population needs and construction projects, says a local historian.

Bahrain University Islamic History Professor Ali Al Shehab said while Bahrain and other Gulf countries were developing their infrastructure, historical sites were suffering.

"Developing countries need more land, so they demolish historical sites such as the graves in Saar and A'ali," he told the [Gulf Daily News]...

"We are speaking with governments in the Gulf to protect these (historical sites), it is very important to our civilisation."

[He] was speaking on the sidelines of a four-day scientific conference...The GCC Society for History and Archaeology Eighth Scientific Forum has attracted 150 archaeologists and historians from the GCC [Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf].

Twenty-eight papers are being presented on various topics, including Oman's civilisation, history of the Arabian Peninsula, the role of statues in the Tylos era, history of rituals during the Dilmun era, and commercial ties between the Arabian Gulf and East Asian countries.

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