Michael Foret: UWSP History Prof Arrested for Having Child Porn (Wisconsin)

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Dr. Michael Foret of the UW-Stevens Point History Department has been suspended with pay after being arrested for possessing child pornography.

Chancellor Linda Bunnell said in a statement that the arrest happened Tuesday evening at his home.

Foret is banned from campus.

Bunnell says state, county and UWSP law enforcement officials worked together in the investigation leading to the arrest.

He made an initial court appearance in Portage County yesterday afternoon.

Bunnell also says the suspension is in line with current state and University of Wisconsin System policies.

UWSP says it will take all steps necessary to ensure Foret's students will be able to finish their coursework without any disruption in their studies.

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Jonathan Dresner - 4/25/2007

The professor in question was an historian.

Nicholas Clifford - 4/25/2007

I am at a complete loss to understand why it is necessary to post such an item on a list having ostensibly to do with history and the study of history.