South Korean president disappointed by Japan's 'no action' WWII apologies

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South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun expressed disappointment Sunday over Japan's"no-action, talk-only" apologies for its past wrongdoing, including sexual enslavement of South Korean women during World War II.

"While Japan has issued statements of regret and apologies for its past wrongdoing at various occasions, we are led to question their sincerity when they are marred by acts that contradict their expression of repentance," Roh wrote in Global Asia, an English-language magazine published by an non-profit organization affiliated with South Korea's Foreign Ministry.

Roh said he had hoped that Tokyo would take actions, based on conscience and wisdom, to shake off its historical burden which has long bedeviled its political ties with Seoul.

"Thus, I chose not to raise this subject as an official agenda or issue during my earlier summit talks with my Japanese counterpart," he said in an article to the magazine."My goodwill was not answered."

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