Call to honor black WWI British army hero

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Campaigners want to honour a remarkable but often forgotten black Briton by erecting a statue in his honour on the white cliffs of Dover.

Walter Tull was the first black officer in the Army to lead white troops into battle. He died a hero on the Western Front.

He was also the first black professional footballer to play in the outfield in England.

"His achievements are tremendous -- from orphan to footballer to soldier. In doing so, he broke through the prejudice that was rife at the time," says Simon Coombe, 75, a distant cousin...

Mr Tull, the grandson of slaves taken to the Caribbean, is believed to have been born in Dover in April 1888...on the outbreak of war, immediately signed up. In a distinguished Army career, during which he was recommended for the Military Cross, he rose through the ranks to become commissioned as a lieutenant.

In March 1918 he led an assault on the German lines in northern France and was fatally wounded.

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