Titanic passenger lists now online

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Passenger lists from the Titanic can be seen online for the first time from today to mark the 95th anniversary of the disaster this weekend.

Documents recording the details of all who sailed on the ill-fated maiden voyage were previously kept under tight security at the National Archives, and could be viewed only under supervision.

But amateur historians and descendants of the 1,500 passengers and crew who died when the ship sank on April 15, 1912, can now read the hand-written lists on the internet, at http://www.ancestorsonboard.com

The lists provide details about each passenger’s occupation, nationality, age, the class in which they travelled, departure port and intended destination. They give not only insights into the lives of the victims, but are revealing about those who had a narrow escape. Some Irish passengers who bought tickets did not actually embark, while one family left the ship in Cherbourg, France...

The couple thought to have inspired the love story in the James Cameron film Titanic are listed as second-class passengers. Kate Phillips, a 19-year-old shop assistant, and Henry Morley, a shopkeeper, eloped under the assumed name of Mr and Mrs Marshall. Their baby, Ellen, was conceived on the journey. Henry died but Kate survived.

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