Siting Bush library at SMU still controversial

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DALLAS -- Plans to establish a presidential library and think tank for George W. Bush at his wife's alma mater in Texas have come under fire from both faculty and the clergy associated with Southern Methodist University.

A vocal group of professors, concerned about how an institute billed to be "inspired by the principles of George W. Bush's administration" might affect the university's reputation, have been working to block the library.

At a recent vote, the faculty senate split 13-13 over creating a complete divide between the institute and the university, where First Lady
Laura Bush earned a bachelor of science degree in education in 1968...

Fifteen current and retired bishops have launched an online petition saying that the "linking of his presidency with a university bearing the Methodist name is utterly inappropriate." It currently has over 10,000 signatures...

The criticism comes as university leaders enter final negotiations, which they say they hope to conclude "within weeks, rather than months."

Library planners -- including former White House chief of staff Andrew Card and Bush's brother Marvin -- have made it clear they have not ruled out Baylor University in Waco, although the president recently told a Dallas television station that he was "leaning heavily toward SMU."

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