N.C. House apologizes for slavery's 'brutality'

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The North Carolina House formally apologized Wednesday "for the injustice, cruelty and brutality of slavery," becoming the latest state to offer its regret.

The House passed the apology resolution 117-0, along with a resolution that previously passed in the Senate apologizing for the state's Jim Crow laws and other legalized segregation.

Both resolutions recount a long history of discrimination against North Carolina's black population starting with the practices of "involuntary servitude" while a British colony in the 17th century.

"No individual is responsible for this," said Democrat Rep. Larry Womble, a primary sponsor. "The state of North Carolina, this government did this to its own people. This should not happen."

The Legislature's apologies come after Confederate neighbor Virginia voted unanimously in February to express its regret for that state's role in slavery. Maryland lawmakers approved their own apology for slavery late last month, and a similar measure is being considered by Georgia lawmakers.

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