Bowing to demands, PBS to add Latin voices to 'The War' series

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NEW YORK -- PBS promised Wednesday to amend Ken Burns' upcoming documentary series on World War II to include stories about Latino veterans after activists complained he ignored their contributions to the American effort.

Burns has also agreed to hire a Latino producer to help create the additional content, PBS said.

The 14-hour documentary, "The War," is scheduled to premiere in September. PBS hopes it becomes as popular as Burns' "The Civil War" was more than a decade ago, and plans to sell a companion book and DVDs...

Burns' film, which is already done, will remain intact. Instead, he will seek out Latino veterans to interview about their experiences to run either during breaks or at the end of each hour. The details still haven't been worked out. Stories about American Indians will also be included.

"We're not changing the film," he said. "Think of it as an amendment to the Constitution."

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