Bangladeshi in L.A. fights extradition on 1975 assassination of founding father

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A Bangladeshi man who used to sell televisions at a Circuit City store in Los Angeles is fighting deportation back to his home country. Mohiuddin Ahmed faces execution for his role in a 1975 coup that led to the assassination of Bangladesh's first president.

Ahmed was convicted [in absentia] of helping assassinate Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who led Bangladesh to independence from Pakistan nearly 40 years ago. [He was sentenced to hang.]...

"I had nothing to do with killing of Sheikh," Ahmed said. "I was given the responsibility of creating a roadblock in one of main streets in Dhaka. I had no idea that he was shot."

An immigration judge denied Ahmed political asylum, citing a State Department report that he "received due process" in his trial.

The judge noted that the coup involved the "brutal killing" of the president's family, including his 10-year-old son, and the overthrow of a democratically elected government. He declared Ahmed a terrorist and a security threat to the United States.

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