Wen asks Japan to match apologies of WWII 'calamity' with action

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TOKYO -- Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, in a speech to Japan's parliament on Thursday, urged Japan to match its words of apology for Tokyo's wartime aggression with action.

"We sincerely hope Japan will use practical actions to manifest its public statements and promises," Wen told the Japanese lawmakers.

Wen, making the first visit to Japan by a Chinese premier since 2000, also called Japan's past military invasion of China a "calamity" but said the Chinese people wanted to "exist in friendship with the Japanese people."

"The Japanese invasion of China was a calamity for the Chinese people," Wen said in the speech, delivered against a backdrop of the national flags of the two Asian giants.

But he added, "The Chinese people want to exist in friendship with the Japanese people."

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