Wedding dress is centerpiece in BL's sacred text exhibit

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LONDON -- A wedding outfit worn by socialite Jemima Khan has been made the centerpiece of the British Library's exhibition of sacred texts.

The exhibition includes 230 of the world's most precious religious texts, including an fourth-century copy of the New Testament and an eighth-century Koran, The Sunday Telegraph reported. The exhibition has been titled "Sacred: Discover What We Share" and opens April 27.

But the main attraction of the show is supposed to be the gold salwar kameez, worn by Khan during her 1995 [wedding] to cricketer Imran Khan. The couple has since divorced.

Library officials claim the outfit's inclusion is justifiable, given that the exhibition is in part an attempt to encourage interfaith dialogue and Khan's own religious journey reflects that...

Jemima Khan, who was born Jewish, became a Muslim when she married Imran Khan.

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