Bulgarian government to open museum in honor of blind prophet

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Bulgaria's government decided Thursday to open a museum in honour of country's late prophet Vanga, Darik News reported.

The museum will be founded in the town of Petrich as the government announced it donated a municipal property for the cause. The exposition will include many of Vanga's belongings and many photos...

Baba Vanga (Grandma Vanga), a blind peasant whose clairvoyant powers gave her saint-like status across Bulgaria, died at 84. Born in neighbouring Macedonia in 1911, Vanga lost her sight at age 12 in a windstorm.

She claimed to derive her powers from an ancient city buried under her village in southwestern Bulgaria.

Over 1 million people had consulted her, whose fame stretched across the Balkans. Many of Bulgaria's most respected intellectuals and notable politicians sought Vanga's advice, usually uttered in a trance.

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