Titanic passenger had forboding

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A passenger who died in the Titanic disaster had written to his wife from the liner, saying that he thought it was unsafe.

While most of his fellow passengers in first class were awestruck by their palatial surroundings, Alfred Rowe —- his mood perhaps soured by a bad cold —- sat down to write to his wife Constance, confiding that he thought the ship “too big” and a “positive danger”.

Mr Rowe, 59, a British businessman, was on his way to his ranch in Texas and had been on the ship for only 24 hours. His letter has come to light for the first time in 95 years...

The letter was posted from Queenstown, Cobh, near Cork in Ireland —- the Titanic’s last stop — on April 11, 1912. On April 14, the ship struck an iceberg and sank...

The letter, which runs to four sides, has been made public for the first time after Mr Rowe’s family decided to auction it.

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