Historians organize petition drive to protest Florida history law

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The Florida State Legislature is just underway (this is its second full week) and an effort is underway to secure as many electronic signatures as possible on a petition to have the Governor and the Legislature re-write the A++ Plan, which mandates that"American history shall be viewed as factual, not as constructed, shall be viewed as knowable, teachable, and testable, and shall be defined as the creation of a new nation based largely on the universal principles stated in the Declaration of Independence."

According to the Florida Department of Education and the US Department of Education –“The [History] framework also considers ways of thinking and the kinds of knowledge that historical study requires. These include"Historical Knowledge and Perspective" and"Historical Analysis and Interpretation."

According to these agencies: “It should also explore how and why these values have been defined, denied, interpreted, and applied differently at various times by, and to, individuals and groups. [Students] should have analytic powers to make informed judgments and reasoned decisions.”

The US Department of Education determines whether states comply with the higher standards of No Child Left Behind.

As educators, historians, parents, citizens and voters, we demand that the phrases in question be eliminated and replaced with the following:

"History uses facts, evidence and critical thinking skills to analyze, evaluate and interpret the past. It is through critical analysis and familiarity of historical interpretations and debates that students will receive a more complete understanding of the American nation and its people."

To add your signature to this petition, please go to http://www.teachingfloridahistory.org and complete the “Create New Account” information. This will allow your name to be added to the list of supporters and will also allow you to monitor the names of other individuals.

Thank you

Nick Wynne, PhD
The Florida Historical Society

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