Jewish museum set to open in former Nazi stronghold of Munich

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MUNICH -- Just blocks from where Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels ordered the destruction of Munich's main synagogue on Kristallnacht, the city is opening an $18-million museum dedicated to the heritage and future of its growing Jewish community.

The cube-shaped museum by Saarbruecken architects Wandel Hoefer Lorck is part of the new complex in the central Jakobsplatz square that also houses a new synagogue and community centre.

It's a sign of the revitalization of Munich's community, which now numbers 9,200 members, the second-largest in Germany after Berlin's... The synagogue opened last November, on the 68th anniversary of Kristallnacht, or the Night of Broken Glass when the Nazis attacked Jewish homes and businesses. International Jewish representatives attended and 1,500 police sealed off the route of a procession of Torah scrolls.

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