Napoleon running for seat in parliament

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At 6ft 5ins, Charles Napoleon would have towered over his diminutive ancestor, Napoleon Bonaparte.

And the 56-year-old pretender to France's imperial throne has embraced a brand of politics that is decidedly out of character for a Bonaparte.

While both Napoleon I and Napoleon III seized power by force and held imperial courts in Fontainebleau's royal chateau, today His Imperial Highness Charles Napoleon -- or "Napoleon VII" -- plans to recapture this dynastic town through the ballot box.

"In my family elected politics was considered dirty," said the Prince Imperial. "But I love contact with people."

Mr Napoleon -- great-great-grandson of Napoleon Bonaparte's brother Jerome, King of Westphalia -- is standing for parliament in Fontainebleau and environs. A pro-European, he's campaigning under the centrist banner of presidential candidate François Bayrou.

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