Honour for another anti-slavery crusader

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The tomb of the father of the abolitionist movement is to be given listed status in recognition of his pivotal role in outlawing the slave trade.

Granville Sharp, who campaigned tirelessly to see slavery abolished, is to have his tomb protected after David Lammy, the Culture minister, ruled that it was of "special historical interest."

The decision comes on the eve of the bicentenary of the 1807 Abolition of the Slave Trade Act, which will be marked by a service at Westminster Abbey and events throughout the UK.

Sharp -- whose efforts to emancipate slaves will, along with William Wilbeforce, be commemorated in a stamp -- wrote more than 60 books about the mistreatment of slaves.

The civil servant and lawyer travelled around the country collecting evidence of the abuse of slaves, including their mistreatment on slave ships...

"Wilberforce played a big part in Parliament but the importance of Granville Sharp in the abolitionist movement is often underplayed. He was one of the earliest, most dedicated and most radical opponents of slavery," said Dr John Gilmore, associate professor at Warwick University.

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