Important in 1314, maybe, but Scottish hill could be flattened now

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STIRLING, Scotland -- A hill that, tradition has it, played a big role in Scotland's victory over the English at Bannockburn may be lost to quarrying.

Robert the Bruce's servants or gillies supposedly hid behind Gillies Hill during the battle. When they emerged, the English thought they were reinforcements and retreated.

Now, the Cambusbarron Local Council warns that stone quarrying could take most of the hill down. Its profile has been altered by the removal of rock in the past century.

Bruce defeated English King Edward II at Bannockburn in 1314, making himself king of Scotland...Fiona MacDonald, a lecturer in history at the University of Stirling, said the gillies' emergence appears to have been the turning point of the battle.

"It was the final straw for the English and chaos ensued," she said. "Whatever was left of the English army fled. This was the moment when Edward II was persuaded to leave the field."

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