David Irving: controversial historian in Hungary for book signing, speeches

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David Irving, the convicted British holocaust denier, arrived in Budapest on Monday, March 12, at the invitation of publishers, Sándor and Tibor Gede, to launch the Hungarian-language version of his book Nurnberg - The Last Battle.

Due to remain in Hungary for one week for book signing events, Irving is expected to speak at the extreme-right Hungarian Justice and Life Party (MIÉP) party rally on March 15. Following an appeal, Irving was released on probation from an Austrian prison last December after serving part of a three year sentence for Holocaust denial. In March of last year, during an interview with Die Presse and the Austrian Press Agency, Irving likened Austria to a "Nazi state" and criticized the country's strict laws against denying the Holocaust as "ridiculous."...

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Randll Reese Besch - 3/21/2007

The definition of such is that people can say the wrong,insulting,stupid and isensitive but rebuttle is allowed to counter the misinformation.David Irving revels in being downtrodden with his enemies action are the mirror of what a society like the one Irving wants. This lack of freedom by imposition of police power is wrong. It emboldens the false pronouncements of Irving's about "freedom of speech" being "real" and his oppressors being a "Nazi State" in a funhouse mirror of reverse perceptions. Irving,I must remind,wants a Nazi State!The difference is he isn't part of the power structure to eliminate any speech not consonant with the prevailing ethos, as practiced.
In summation,"free speech" is that all sides can freely be heard,not just what is "acceptable."