Coin not Godless but Presidentless

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DENVER -- Mary and Ray Smith can't make heads or tails of a new presidential dollar coin they found last week [in two rolls they bought]. It doesn't have either. A week after the revelation that some of the coins slipped out of the U.S. Mint without"In God We Trust" stamped on the edge, the Smiths said Tuesday they found one with nothing stamped on either flat side.

It does have"In God We Trust" on the edge. What's missing is the image of George Washington on the front and the Statue of Liberty on the back. Instead, the Smiths' coin is just smooth, shiny metal... [Image online here.]

Mint spokesman Michael White said officials had not confirmed the Smiths' find. But Ron Guth, a coin authenticator with Professional Coin Grading Service of Newport Beach, Calif., said after examining it he is certain the coin is authentic.

"It's really pretty rare," Guth said."It somehow slipped through several steps and inspections."

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