Max Holland: Is There Evidence Of A Third Shot Fired At JFK?

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They had a date with destiny in Dealey Plaza. Three shots changed the course of history.

More than 43 years after the Kennedy assassination, some folks still wonder whether Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

Two people who have studied the facts believe a critical piece of evidence remains hidden at the scene.

The Zapruder Film documents two shots fired hit the president in Dealey Plaza. But eye witnesses heard three shots. Many have presumed it was the third shot which missed its mark.

"You absolutely cannot tell when the first shot was fired in the Zapruder Film," said author Max Holland. "The FBI has always said that it's open to new evidence"

Holland and a colleague studied the film and photographs when the secret service restaged the assassination. They concluded the first shot was fired as the motorcade turned onto Elm Street and before the two shots on the Zapruder Film.

At a close range, why would the gunman have missed?

"You can see here the traffic post and mast," said Holland. He believes the first shot hit the top of the mast holding the traffic signal.

"There would probably be a small indentation, probably on the top of the mast from where the bullet was deflected," Holland said. "It might also be possible that in the indentation, you'll find some of the copper alloy that was around the lead bullet."

The curator of the Sixth Floor Museum, Gary Mack, concedes it's possible, but remains skeptical. "There's no way to tell for sure if that's the original street light."...

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