Hitler's German citizenship may be revoked

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Six decades after his death, the most notorious German of all times, Adolf Hitler, may be stripped of his German citizenship.

Deutsche Welle Online reported Monday that a low-ranking official in the state of Lower Saxony, Isolde Saalmann, had convinced her colleagues from the governing Social Democratic Party to file a request to check whether the German citizenship given to Austrian-born Hitler in 1932 can be rescinded.

Hitler's application to become a German national was granted in Braunschweig, the city where he had lived since 1912 and fought for Germany in World War I, a move that enabled his notorious future career in German politics.

Saalmann told a German newspaper it would be a strong symbolic signal if the state would take posthumous action.

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Arnold A Offner - 3/14/2007

Seems rather late to revoke Hitler's German citizenship. Better to keep it, as a reminder of the failure of other German citizens to repudiate this man earlier than 1945.

And I would say the same to my fellow Americans who might now wish to be rescind George Bush's citisneship.