The KGB's 'good spy' guide to British cities

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Russian spy maps of the UK produced by the KGB during the Cold War have been released for the first time.

They were produced by the Russian military between 1950 and 1997 as part of a worldwide strategy for global domination.

The maps feature details not present on Ordnance Survey maps because of political and military sensitivities at the time.

Using aerial photos, satellite images, local knowledge and even spies to compile their maps, the Russians mapped 6,178 square miles of the UK, including 103 major UK towns and cities...

The maps reveal the exact location and purpose of every structure of possible military importance including the width of roads, the height of bridges, the depth of rivers, train and bus stations and prisons.

The maps, bought by the digital mapping provider Landmark Information Group from East View Cartographics...

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