Plan to build homes on the Anasazi steps

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The ancient Anasazi carved out an existence in the hills outside Kanab. They dug pits, hunted elk and grew maize.

Now, St. George developer Milo McCowan wants to carve out a subdivision on those same slopes. He wants to build homes, sculpt trails and erect an amphitheater.

Oh, and he wants to save - and even capitalize on - many of those American Indian ruins.

"We are dedicating 20 acres in the project for long-term archaeological excavation and study, hopefully in partnership with a university," McCowan said. "Amateur archaeologists could move here and live and assist with a significant dig in their own neighborhood."

At his subdivision - named Chaco Canyon after the famous Anasazi ruins in New Mexico - McCowan plans to build 700 to 800 houses and town homes on 270 acres west of Kanab Creek, which are in the process of being annexed into Kanab.
The homes will be clustered to make way for open spaces and trails.

McCowan also hopes to add an amphitheater for the performing arts and a museum for showcasing the area's artifacts. The entrance road will wind between two ruin sites.

Doug McFadden, former head archaeologist with the Bureau of Land Management's nearby Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, said the ruins - at 14 sites - offer excellent examples of how the Virgin

Anasazi lived from the year 1 to the 1200s, when they abruptly vanished.

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