Protest At Stonehenge

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Once again Stonehenge is the focus for protest - this time three men dressed as cartoon characters Fred Flintstone scaled the ancient stones, with the help of a ladder. The men draped a placard across a lintel and posed for camera shots atop the lintel, vowing to stay on the stones all night with their three days supply of food. Luckily this was not the case, and they came down the same day.

     They represent the organisation "Fathers 4 Justice", an organisation which has made similar protests from other places. They were highlighting their cause against remarks made by the Tory leader Mr.Cameron - "failure to get to grips with the issue of absent fathers in Britain". It is sad that such issues should take place at important sites such as Stonehenge, the nature of their characterisation of cartoon figures does little to enhance the importance of this iconic prehistoric monument.

     A spokeswoman for English Heritage said "we are disappointed that this protest group has chosen Stonehenge to make their protest. We feel it disrespects the monument and there is potential for the stones to be damaged".

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