Offer made to manage Museum of the Confederacy, keep it in Richmond, retain name

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The Sons of Confederate Veterans, outraged that the Museum of the Confederacy might move out of Richmond, is offering to take over the management of the museum.

"Conditions at the museum have declined steadily for the past few years," said Frank Earnest, state commander of the 4,000-member Virginia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. "The current administration has brought the situation to near crisis."...

[Museum President Waite] Rawls released a statement that said no decision has been made to change the museum's name.

"Retaining future economic viability and at the same time remaining faithful to the educational mission, identity and historic legacy of the museum is a challenge faced in the relocation," the statement said. "Consideration of a possible renaming of the museum, which might accompany relocation, should be considered speculation at this time."

Rawls announced in October that museum officials were seeking a new home for its Civil War collection, the world's largest, to escape the sprawling medical campus of Virginia Common- wealth University. Officials traveled to Lexington in January to tour a possible site there and are considering other locations. Dropping the word "Confederacy" from the museum's name could accompany a relocation.

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